Add France / Paris timezone


We can not find the France / Paris timezone in the schedule listing.
Is it possible to add it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Yours faithfully,

CET (local) is Paris time zone.

Thanks for the reply.

Just to be sure, is Retool based in France so that "CET (local)" will always be Paris timezone for all users around the world ?

Or is it based on my current timezone (I am based in Paris) so if I travel abroad, will the "CET (local)" changes as well ?

Axel at LCDP

CET is always CET. The ‘local’ tag is presumably just an IP based flag added on the end. Your selection there would stay as CET regardless of where you’re physically located.

Ok thanks !

Additional question about timezone CET option.
In our country, we are switchting go and back from CET to CEST during the year.
If we select CET (because we are in winter), is it gonna switch automatically to CEST on summer without having to modify the workflow configuration ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Yours faithfully,

Hey @lcdp! I don't think it'll automatically switch, but perhaps you could write some logic to switch when the time comes.

{{moment().isDST() ? 'CEST' : 'CET'}}

This uses the moment function isDST to check if we're in Daylight Savings Time, then returns the appropriate timezone string. Moment is built into Retool, so you can just use it anywhere you can write JS!

Let me know if this helps :crossed_fingers:

Hi @victoria !

Thank you for your reply (sorry for the response delay). Great to know there is a way to check for CEST or CET in Retool App !

However, it is not yet possible to code the interval in Retool Workflow ! Would be a nice feature.