Does Retool have schedule workflow ? or at least workflow?

Hi all,

Is it possible in retool to define workflow (for example : execute this query every minute, hour etc) or execute a number of step automatically ?

If no, is it in the roadmap ?

If yes, how can I do that ?

Many thanks

Hi @SMFR! Great question. We're actually talking about this in this thread :blush: To quote my colleague:

We have been hard at work testing this functionality with a closed group of customers. We're excited to keep partnering with you all in future iterations!

While our current group of testers is at capacity, we will be creating a more formal standby list as the offering develops and enters its next stages of adoption. If you would like to join our waitlist, whether you're interested in participating in our next phase of testing or want to be sure you hear when this product is generally available, please fill out this form.

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Hi Victoria. Many thanks for your quick answer. It's an amazing news ! I registered myself on the waitlist.

On my opinion, it was something missing before to invest time in Retool. I'm going to develop my knowledge of this tool to propose it to my customers !

Have a good day

Of course! Best of luck as you build and let us know if you run into any blockers :slight_smile: