Add a side navigation bar with collapsible multi-level menu items

Is Retool set up to allow me to create a side menu navbar? Didn’t see a navbar component. Is this a custom component? Can it be hidden by the user? Thanks.

Hey @dgarvin57! There’s no native component to do this in a Retool app, but in terms of users navigating between apps, we obviously have the homepage, etc. If you want to contain multiple screens within an app, you can use a tabbed container. You could also try a container with a bunch of buttons that show and hide containers in the app.

Thanks. Hmm. Can I programmatically navigate from one application to another? In the application menu, is there such a thing as a sub-app? In other words, if I have 10 different tables that I want users to maintain, I’d like to combine them into a master data app or have a submenu under Master Data with each of the 10 tables listed. Not sure a tabbed form can handle that. But sounds like you’re also suggesting a column of buttons to the left each to display a different table?

I see folders but it is disabled. Is this only available in the paid version? So, it looks like multiple apps can be build into a folder? Trying to visualize a full-built out site.

Related question: I noticed it can be deployed through a docker container locally. Does that mean it’s totally on our server? Can we change the Retool toolbar or brand it with our own company name? Thanks again.

@dgarvin57 let me tackle these one by one.

  1. There’s no concept of sub apps, but a few Retool components have native support for navigating between Retool apps, and you can even add URL params. Check out the button, for example A tabbed container with 10 tabs (and a table in each) would definitely be able to handle this. You could have users just click on the tab names, or hook up a list or button to show and hide tabs.
  2. You can create a folder here:
  3. Retool does indeed support on-prem deployments! We actually just shipped custom branding, so you caught us at a good time :slight_smile: if you reach out on Intercom, we can get you in touch with a few engineers to talk more about a deploy.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks. That helps. I created a couple of folders and test apps within them to see what the user would see and here’s what I saw:


It seems to list the folders one at a time (you have to hover over the folder to see others). Same with app. When you hover over Brands, you see the two apps (Brands and Item Master). Not what I expected. Was expecting to see all folders listed and then when you click on one, it expands to show apps.

I’m conerned about what the users will see. Would I tell them to go to If so, they’ll see the app screen like I do:

What have others done when trying to roll this out as a comprehensive set of apps, (could be used to build inventory apps, purchasing apps, etc.) or is this not intended to do that?