Add a header row to list view

I'd like to be able to define a space on the top inside the list component that is excluded from the repeated elements. This way I could caption the elements I place inside the list and help the viewer understand what he sees.

An alternative would be to place these "column titles" above the list component but from my pov this doesn't look visually connected to the contents of the component.

Another workaround would be to make the list background transparent and put it inside a container component. This way I would unnecessarily lose some space because of the component margins, and I this doesn't look good either.


Hi @dominik! We're actively working on some great improvements to the List View component, including the ability to add a header and/or footer! We don't have an exact timeline yet, but I'll check back in when we do.

@garrett any update on this feature request?

Also would like to know if there's any updates on this?

+1. Even being able to get rid of that padding would be an improvement.

No updates yet, but I bumped this internally! Please keep adding your +1s and thank you to those that have already done so :slight_smile:


+1 on adding headers to a list view please

Would also love to see this feature!

With List View v2, you can nest a List View inside a container with a header / footer to achieve the same experience as having a built in header / footer! Thank you all for your feedback here :blush: :raised_hands: