Grid List Component

Grid components, like the one seen below, are very common on the web. We can currently do a weird hack with the list component, creating each column, but that is cumbersome and unintuitive to work with. It also makes it difficult to have a dynamic number of columns based on the available space. Therefore I think we need either a dedicated component or, perhaps even better, an option for the list view to layout as a grid. I think this would solve a surprisingly big UI blindspot of Retool.

Feel free to share how you currently solve this problem, as well as what you would need from a feature like this.


Hi @tobloef! This is a great idea, and a solid workaround in the meantime. We definitely plan to introduce more "repeatable" layout patterns like List View, including grids and carousels. No timeline just yet, but it's high up on the list!


Hi, i'm very interesting in this feature, is there any advance on it?

Hey @daniel-grana!

No movement yet, but it is still being tracked and we can let you know here when it's included :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also very interested in this, and wondering if there are any workarounds that people have come up with?

I found the following links had some relevant info:

-How to create multiple cards as a result of a query?
-Retool Component Wishlist
-Dynamic grid layout for images

In particular, the use of the List View component from the first link - it just feels a bit hack-y.


Hey folks!

Listviews now support a new "Grid" layout type:

Curious to hear how much this covers your use cases and what might still be missing!

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Thank you!