Access to other components from currency code

Hi! in a How To topic I was asking if it is possible to access other components of a project from the currency code field of a table, and it seems like it is not possible.

In this field I would like to be able to access the values of a selector for instance:

It seems like a very natural thing to be able to do. Would it be possible to add this as a feature?

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Hi @felipe-topsort! We've just rolled out support for this—thanks for the request!

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Hey @felipe-topsort, There is currently a bug where component references in the column input fields incorrectly lint with an error. Even though you get that error—select1 is not defined{{select1.value}} should still work just fine as an input.

Here's an example where I was able to do the same thing. You can see that my input field shows an error but the 'Currency code' correctly evaluates to the select1.value, which is 'GBP', and the cells are shown in Pounds. I hope that clears up any confusion caused by this bug :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @felipe-topsort, I'm just reaching out to let you know that this bug has been fixed!

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