Access to File Systems


I'd like to be able to read from and write to "local" files systems - specifically SMB network shares.

The scenario might be to use a workflow to output a bunch of files or read from a bunch of files and process them.

I know you can setup an Amazon S3 file resource, but this doesn't really work for us and I wasn't sure if we wanted to go down the route of adding more technology to our stack to layer over an API on top of an existing file system - it seems overkill to go to those lengths.

I was wondering if you could mount file shares within Retool and reference them somehow or if someone has come up with another creative way to work around this scenario? Ideally, I'd like to see a resource type of "file system" which can interact, but I doubt that is high on the hit-list!


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Hey @dcsearle! This isn't currently possible, but we've created a feature request for this. I can update you here as any new information becomes available. Thanks!