Best way to access existing data on any kind of local file storage (e.g. SMB shares)

I have a special use case where we need to access large media files and documents stored on an SMB share.

The data consists of rather beefy PDFs, JPGs and DCM files. It's medical data, so I can't simply sync these files to any S3 storage and use the S3 integration.

A. Is there a fairly simple way to mount any kind of storage to the docker container? I mean, it's easy to mount an SMB share on the host linux. But how do I give the docker container access to the data?

B. Is it possible to access such a local path from within a custom JavaScript query? Or is there another option to retreive and manipulate data?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @nmz!

There's not a lot of built-in support for this at the moment. We have an internal feature request for adding a native SFTP integration or something like it to access local files, as with the features I mentioned in the other thread, there are no specific plans for it but I can let you know if it ends up getting included.

JavaScript in Retool all runs in a sandboxed environment for security and it doesn't have access to your local files. The closest I'm thinking of is that you might set up a REST API that runs locally to fetch your data. How big are these beefy files?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

SFTP or webdav integration would be awesome. Would make it much easier to interact with any NAS/SAN/FS data.

Some of the files are up to 100MB. Most of them are 2-3 MB tho, but there are plenty of them. You're probably right about the custom REST API approach. This will probably be the fastest option anyway. Not as "portable" as I wish it would be tho. I'll take a look at it.