Turn Off Column Automatic Renaming in the New Table Component

My MongoDB query returns field names like this


But the new Table component renames them like this:

"Record no"
"Pri name"
"Lt call dt"
"Call dur m"

Is there any way to turn this off and display the column names exactly like the actual data?


Hi @MatthewFass,

It looks like you can go into each column and edit the label to be the same as your db, but I don't see a way to do this by default across all columns :thinking: I'll request this feature internally

Thank you for looking into it, Tess. The problem is I can't work with the new table component if this questionable "feature" can't be disabled because it messes up our CSV import and export workflow. For now I will stick with the legacy table.

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Similarly, the default {{ _.startCase(item) }} in the Mapped value is a bit presumptive and, speaking for myself, almost always gets deleted!

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Hi @Schteevynn, just wanted to double check, do you mean for the automated column header? or the table values?

The latter, I'm referring to a column's mapped value.

Matthew's point is similar – the Label field seems to be automatically populated with a reformatted version of the Source field (in the screenshot, I did not remove those underscores nor change case). I pretty much always customize the label anyway, so it's not much of a change for me. But if you prefer the label to match the source, like Matthew does, you'd have to manually revert each label.

The Mapped value field now includes the {{_.startCase(item)}} by default for some column types, so you have to go and delete for those columns if you want the column to display the data "as is" from the data set.

Quite a few "whoa, why does that look so weird" moments before drilling down and removing the startCase reformatting.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 2.50.28 PM

Got it! Thanks for the screenshot. I see a request on file to fix this issue -- I'll add your +1

+1 for this, it's really unpleasant to infer formatting on the user's behalf when working with proper data.