A column is not displayed

:sob: everything seems to be in order so why the dates are not displayed?
the column exists in my database (google sheet)
you can see it works in the query preview

Is the Date stored as text or as Date in the db?

no they are stored as dates YYYY-MM-DD
but i also tried to change the format of the column into string, it doesn't work neither

What is in the Format field for the Date column?

from another sheets with almost the same data, it displays the dates but not some other column's data

I would check the query JSON with SQL and see why that is working and the other sheet query is NOT

the other query does the same for some different columns

Hey @Emmanuelle_S!

Have you tried using the regenerate columns button for your table?

It looks like you switched from usin rdv_clients to using rdv_clients_suivi as the datasource for your table, it can be helpful to regenerate columns after doing so as some of the columns might point to your old datasource :thinking:

finally it was a problem of format (number vs string)

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