Zoho inventory api rest integration?

hi anybody is using the rest api from Zoho inventory? im interested in integrating this into a retool app. This is the zoho inventory api documentation

can you help me please? @victoria @Kabirdas


Integrating any Zoho app is fairly simple. They have quite extensive API documentation. I've integrated Zoho Desk.
Are you running into issues?

+1 to hearing more about any issues you're running into! I see you've already checked out a few of the other threads on the Zoho API that we have on the forums, curious to know where you're currently at.

It looks like @mbruijnpff has more experience working with Zoho but I'm happy to help investigate as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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im in the way of how to auto auth every time jwt token expires

Ahh I see, are you using custom auth to get the JWT? I just want to double-check since OAuth 2.0 came up in this thread.

For custom auth, I'd be curious to know if you've already set up a custom auth refresh flow. If the Zoho API responds with an error code when the JWT expires Retool will detect that and automatically run the refresh flow you have set up, so you can use that to refresh the token.

If you're using OAuth 2.0 then the refresh flow should be handled more automatically so I'd be curious to see screenshots of your setup for instance, along with screenshots of any errors you might be running into when they expire to see what might be going wrong there :thinking:

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