How to connect Retool with Zoho CRM

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to connect Zoho CRM to my Retool app.
Does one of you have a good quickstart advises ?


We don't currently have a native Zoho integration, but you can connect to almost any REST API (our API docs here) from Retool 😊 And here is a link to their API docs, just in case that's helpful!

Hello @victoria,
thanks a lot for your answer.
I will share my work here if someone is interested.

Hello Victoria,
The first video linked on this page - refers to Youtube - is not listed anymore.

Could you please fix it ?

Hi Roland! I just tested and it seems like it's took me to this link:

Is it taking you to a different link?

Hello @victoria , thanks for your answer.
It works.

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Hello everyone,
thanks to the Help of @Chris-Thompson and @ben I managed to connect Zoho & Retool so this is definitely doable.
The Zoho CRM documentation is not very explicite but you have to use the Oauth 2.0 flow and Retool very eases things.
Feel free to ask questions below if you have one.

Thanks, @rolandapercur! Here's an example of how we set this up:

  1. Create the Server-based app within Zoho:

  1. Enter in the Name and URLs, which should give generate client id and client secret:

  1. Create a resource inside of Retool and create the following OAuth2 flow:

Note: You'll have to check and see which scopes you actually need for your application.

  1. You should then be able to test this auth flow, and then confirm that you are successfully retrieving the access and refresh tokens:


how you guys manage this? zoho ask to generate a token every 60 minutes or on every request, how is that possible with retool? im struggling too with inventory api

Hello @agaitan026,

Did you tried Oauth 2.0 or something else ?

oauth, but dont know how to request that oauth on each request example

Hey @agaitan026! Are you using a refresh flow in Retool?

I didn't use that. Not sure how applies to Zoho Api

In case your api requirements are a bit more complex, you can use an api resource with custom auth to connect to your api!

Are you currently able to get your ideal flow connected to your Zoho Api through another service, like Postman?

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Yeah I will use refresh option it works

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