How connect to zoho inventory api?

Hi im trying to connect to my zoho inventory api

already created the app in zoho console

what is the next step? this is the documentation Introduction | Zoho Inventory | API Documentation but dont know how it applies to retool?

i manage to connect to the token part but every time i call i should get a token from zoho? im really confused is not a regular rest api right? kinda confuse its like

  1. first request a token from zoho
  2. use that token to call api endpoint

This code value is mandatory to get the access token in the next step and this code is valid for 60 seconds

so zoho appears to get a token every time a request is made?

not sure how do that in retool?

thank you

Hey @agaitan026!

Retool should save the Access Token and Refresh Token returned by Zoho so that you don't have to make the initial token request every time you query the resource. Taking a quick look at the documentation it appears the Access Token lasts for an hour by default, Retool can also renew the Access Token automatically using the Refresh Token when it expires.

Have you already explored Retool's OAuth 2.0 setup?

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Yes thank you for that, that works