Zendesk and Dwolla support in retool

Hi everyone,
Could you guys please add Dwolla and Zendesk resource connectivity with the Retool application ? It would be great help
Thanks and Regard
Team Wagefi

Hey @Vishavjit_Singh!

It looks as though you should be able to connect to the Dwolla API using a REST API resource in Retool - is that something you've already explored?

Would you mind also sharing a bit more about how you're looking to use Zendesk with Retool? Hearing more about your use case will help with the feature request!

Hey @Kabirdas
We are a fintech company, and we need Dwolla data for R&D. It would be easier if direct connectivity with Dwolla was possible.
And we use Zendesk for user queries and resolutions. It is much faster to resolve queries if we can use Zendesk directly on retool so our response team can respond much faster

Got it, I'll pass that feedback along! For Zendesk, have you already taken a look at these docs about hitting their API? If you're looking to use one of the Zendesk embeddables I'm also curious if you've explored doing so with a custom component or iframe and what issues may have come up there.