Workflow with OpenAI - Passing through content to summarize does not work and text is not readable by Open AI

I have a retool workflow that was working last week which has since stopped working. The workflow takes in articles through a form from an App I made. The connection to the app works, and correctly passes in the article data into the workflow. Once in the workflow the article data is passed into a Retool AI Query using the Open AI Generate Text or Summarize Text workflow blocks. Whenever I pass in the text from the article into a query in the workflow, OpenAI responds that the data I have passed through is not readable.

Here are some of the responses OpenAI has provided:

  1. "This prompt cannot be summarized as it consists of a series of random alphanumeric characters and symbols without meaning or context."
  2. "I'm sorry, but the text you've provided seems like a sequence of encrypted or encoded text, which I'm unable to process or interpret. “
  3. "I'm sorry but the input you've provided is not in a readable format. “
  4. " seems like you've entered a very long string of text, which is difficult for me to understand. Could you provide more context or break down your request into smaller parts?"
  5. "I'm sorry, but your input data is a string of Base64 type, which I can't interpret in this context."

All of the inputs are below the token limit.

When I look at the input to the OpenAI Query the "evaluatedExpression" looks normal and is readable and is not encrypted or un-evaluable text. I have also had the text that is being passed into the Query emailed to me, and the text that is passed in is in fact the correct readable text.

I think the data from the App is being passed into the workflow in a data format that is not compatible with the OpenAI API. I am not sure how to solve this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Can you share a screenshot of some where the data is coming from and how it's being sent?

Hi @Owen_Colby,

I played around with the AI Action block a bit on my end and couldn't seem to reproduce the issue. As @MikeCB said, sharing what your workflow blocks look like would be helpful.


I have built an app that takes in articles to summarize via a form. Once I submit it starts the workflow. This is how the data is sent:

@ehe If helpful I can send over the application and workflow replicated to show you the issue. I have been able to reproduce this issue multiple times.

Hey @ehe wanted to follow up here!

Sorry for the delay, looking at this again now. If you could send the replicated workflow that would be great!

Also, can you verify that the data is being passed through to the webhook as you expect?

I am having this same issue. Couldn't manage to figure out any patterns.

Example response:

"It seems like you've provided a string of encoded or encrypted data. Without more context or information about the type of encoding or encryption used, it's difficult for me to decode or decrypt this string. Could you provide more details or let me know how I can assist you further?"

I am having the same issue too. I get the below error messages:

"The text appears to be a long string of encoded or hashed characters, possibly representing encrypted data or a series of cryptographic keys. It does not contain readable content or a clear prompt that can be summarized."

"The provided text appears to be an encrypted or hashed string, which is not human-readable and therefore cannot be summarized. If you have a specific text that you would like to be summarized, please provide the text in a clear and unencrypted format."

did you make a change to startTrigger or the workflow block for the screenshot? I'm only wondering because the problem might be that {{ startTrigger.value.articleData }} doesn't exist under Test JSON Parameters?

just a guess =/ sorry it's not much