AI Summarisation Action Stops Abruptly with no error warnings

Hello, I have developed an application where a user can upload a .txt transcript of a conversation they had, and, by using retool AI, they can summarise it in a click of a button. The application includes an upload button, a default prompt outlining the structure of how the summary should be written and a button to trigger an AI summarization action.

The .txt file is cleansed as follows (I am aware special characters are known to be an issue, so I fixed that problem by removing them):

The input to the AI action is as follows:

and, as you can see I have connected to meta's llama 3 using AWS bedrock.

The main issues I can clearly observe are:

  • No error message is given and the summarisation ends abruptly in the middle of summarising
  • Some aspects of the prompt are ignored

I can most likely fix the second one by adjusting the prompt, however, no amount of work seems to fix the first issue. As there is no error messages in the logs, I cannot seem to understand what is causing the AI action to stop abruptly whilst the summary is not finished (I know it's not finished as it ends in the middle of a sentence).

Happy to send more detailed logs upon request:

I think that the issue lies with the prompt. The input box seems to be only for the text that is meant to be summarised and not additional information regarding on how to structure the summary. Would be good if someone from the retool team could confirm this please.