Workflow Deploy Latest stuck in 'Queued'

We have Gitlab source control setup and the connection tests fine. But after trying to 'deploy latest' it is stuck in a 'Queued' status and I can't see any kind of log or anything to see what's going on.

This Gitlab setup was working fine for a long time, I'm not sure what/if anything changed.

Hi @dohrann, welcome to the forum! :wave:
Could you share a screenshot showing where it gets stuck?

Sure, this is all ive got

Thank you, we've seen this issue before on Self-hosted Retool version 3.33.21-stable. Version 3.33.26-stable included a fix for this. Are you on Retool Cloud or Self-hosted?

We are on version 3.52.1 self-hosted

Did we recently upgrade to this version?

Actually yes I believe we did. I'm not 100% sure what version we were on before that though

Update: I found a solution for this by going into the source_control_provider_configs table in the postgres DB and removing some rows that mentinoned no longer existing repo's.

Apparently Retool's deploy was erroring out trying to find these non-existing repos and not continuing on (as i think it should). Removing the unused rows and running a re-deploy worked.

Thanks for the replys!

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