Workflows Won't Run or Store Logs (But Blocks Will)

We are self-hosting Retool (v3.10.2) and chose to use Retool-sponsored Temporal Cloud. We're able to create a workflow, run individual blocks, use resources, etc.

However, when it comes to running a workflow end to end or deploying it to be triggered, it fails. In addition, no logs are provided in the dashboard about what's going on. See screenshot.

I pulled logs from the docker container and couldn't pinpoint any clear reason why this is happening. Could it be something with our license? Maybe there's a logging or deployment issue?

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Yep same issue here. We're running self hosted Retool (v3.14.1) using Retool managed Temporal.

We can build Workflows and each block runs fine in isolation but when triggering the whole workflow it fails with "No logs found. The logs may have been deleted."

Hey @Spence_Gardner and @Brendan_James!

It sounds like this might be an issue with some specific Retool versions (e.g. v3.14.1). We're working on getting this fixed for those versions, but in the meantime, v3.12.8 and 3.14.5 (and possibly others) are confirmed to have functioning Workflow Logs.

Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing, and please do let me know if you run into any other issues here!

Hi, yep upgrading to 3.14.5 fixed it for us

Woohoo! Very glad to hear it and thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

We have also experienced this issue aswell on 3.16.5 and 3.16.4.
Is there a possibility of this also being the cause for these versions?
Temporarily, we have switched our system to version 3.14.5 which is working.

Thank you for sharing those broken versions here! I've updated the internal bug report to include those version numbers.

Do you have any logs from the temporal worker and workflows backend (or api backend) containers?

I do not sorry but as far as I remember, there were no issues. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Once this is fixed, would you be able update this thread?

Hello @victoria
We have the same issue on 3.16.1

@yubbygithubby, no worries at all. I'll definitely update this thread once we have this working on all versions!

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Hey @Vlada_Dieieva! Does 3.14.5 work for you until we get this fixed on all versions? :slight_smile:

This works for me however there is a limit on the number of active workflows we can have compared to 3.16 where it is unlimited. We are on a free plan which I believe is also apart of the problem.

Ah, gotcha. Just let engineering know!

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