Issue with Git Syncing - On Prem Installation

I'm currently having issues with the Git Syncing config.

I've ran through the rotation outlined in the documents here.

But just to re-iterate, I've done the following:

  1. Attached the retool pub key as a Deploy Key to the target repo
  2. Added the Git integration URL and Branch per settings (Yes, I've used the SSH URL)
  3. Created an empty rep and Initialized with an empty commit.

According to documentation, changes made per my on-prem instance should propagate to the Git repo within ~ 10 seconds. However, I can't get any changes to push to the target repo - regardless of what I do.

Considering none of this information is sensitive, I've included a screenshot below:

(I had to combine all three shots into one, due to the new-bro limitations the forum imposes).

Is there something I'm inherently missing?


Hey @TheLoopDigga - thanks for posting and welcome to the forum! Sorry you’re having an issue with Git syncing, but lets see if we can sort it out.

A few other things to check:

  • Can you tail the logs of your container and see if there are any errors? (If you deployed with docker-compose you can do docker-compose logs -f)
  • Can you check what environment variables you have enabled on your deployment? If you have VERSION_CONTROL_LOCKED=true set, then it will only pull from GitHub, not push (so we’d want to remove it).


Hey @alex - thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the warm welcome!

After combing through the logs, I was able to find the following - which directly points to an issue with the connection timeout: <- had to include a screenshot via LS due to the new bro limit on images haha

Obviously, the error is relatively straightforward - as it’s claiming there is a credential issue. But, I’ve utilized the pub key provided and adhered to the rest of the rotation.

In regards to version lock via docker env - this is not set, as I’m working on getting the dev and staging VPCs pushing, then using prod as the version lock.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks again

So, it was a port issue via the EC2…

I returned a list of the IPs that github uses from their meta endpoint - the converted from CIDR to IP range and got it working. (Port 22)

Hey @TheLoopDigga – sorry for the delayed reply here. Glad that you got it sorted out and I appreciate that you posted the answer here as well — that will certainly help the next person who runs into the same issue!