Workflow blocks not triggering


I have a workflow that works fine when when I run it inside the editor ("Run with previous blocks" on the last block, or triggering them sequentially). But when the workflow is triggered from our UI it fails. The run history shows blank errors:

The global run time is about 10s, but nothing appears to be executed. There are no logs in the run history, but if I take the start trigger data, and use that as the example data, everything works fine.

We are self hosted and set everything up just a week ago, so I think we should be on the latest version.

4 days and no response :frowning:

We figured this out - we had setup our self hosted instance without Temporal working. We ran through that section of the setup guide and things started happening.

Better error messages would have been helpful.

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Hi Rich,

I'm glad you all managed to work out the issue here. Your comments about the lack of helpful error messages here are right on, and we're tracking that against future work on on-prem workflow deployments so it'll be less confusing in the future. Thanks again!