Will this product work for me?

Hi Brains Trust, I am trying to find a way to create an Activity Log Book. I work as an Adventure Guide and need to log each session. I would like to build a database, then an app that allows me to input data into the data and export data out. Fields would be a drop down option for example

Activity - Date - Weather - Number of Participants -Outcome - Notes

I would like to be able to bring up all one particular activity and export to a PDF. The app would allow me to quickly and easily update the database.

If this app does work, would there be a template that i can modify and adjust to suit my needs?

Thank you in advance

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@Nathan_Forest Welcome to the forum!

This can easily be done with not a lot of work - it all depends on the user experience you are looking for...simply adding activities with the fields you described is very easy - I would suggest that you go through the tutorial Retool provides and you should be able to in a very short amount of time have this up and running - I am not aware of a template out in the wild that would meet your needs specifically...


Cool idea. ditto what @ScottR said. This got my brain jumpstarted this morning :slight_smile: The mobile app builder even has utils.getCurrentPosition() which could be used to track points of interest for future adventures.

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