Creating an UI with Google Sheets

i am new to coding and i thought appsmith is an good option cause of drag and drop builder. I am trying to build a small app for my own buisness to do my work easier and faster. on my Google Sheets i store Customers, Products, current status of Order, a history of bills/purchases, and a template for my bills to print. Now i want to build a UI to read, edit, add and delete data from the Google Sheet. (Like managing Customers/Products, put customers informations and products to the bill, store bill informations in history sheet, into bill.

Is this doable for a beginner?

I have done the tutorial with Google Sheets integration on Youtube. I now know how to read data and edit/change data. The Problem is i need to select the cell first to get the Data into my UI it is not going automaticly. Would be great if anyone could help me creating this new App


Hey there :wave: You mention Appsmith here, are you currently trying out Retool to build this app for your business? If so, here is a link to a great walkthrough in our docs on building with Google Sheets. Your use case is definitely possible with our tools, please reach out with any other questions when they come up :slightly_smiling_face: