Retool as backoffice application for CS teams

Hi, anyone who's using retool as a back-office application for CS teams?
I'm working on planning the application as a first step before building it and i'd be glad to brainstorm with someone who uses it for similar needs. :brain:

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Hi @Adar, I'm from Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions and we are a subscription-type business. We got into Retool because we wanted to provide a platform for our not so techy sales/cs person to navigate our database and check our records without needing to manually do SQL query or ask us every time they have something to look up. Prior to Retool, we only use Sequel Pro and/or Zapier but both require SQL knowledge to check the records.

I have created invoice tracker (those wanting their invoice be sent through every month) using Chargebee's REST API and some Google Sheets resources aside from the above db lookup app. Since we are a small team, these apps came about by the need of the team rather than careful planning and a month long deliberation. Retool is easy enough to customise to suit your needs so if your first iteration of your app does not fully fit the bill, you can enhance it without the need to start from scratch.



Thank you @jocen. really appreciate your honest and detailed reply. We are also a very small team and the dashboards are built according to the request and needs of the sales and CS team. A quick additional question if you feel comfortable sharing - how did you choose to use the retool apps? I'm thinking of maybe including everything in one app so that the CS team will have minimum clicks..

No worries @Adar. My supervisor saw this tool and immediately asked me to test it out. We were able to play around looking up records in our DB easily so that was what made us give it a go. Nothing intricate on that aspect.

That really depends on your use case and priority of features that your CS team would like to have. The DB lookup and invoice tracker I mentioned earlier could be in one app but decided not to since there are different users accessing those apps.

great, thank you for sharing @jocen !

Adar, I am building a CS tool now. More than happy to share the thought process around separating out functions as apps to speed up tasks. If you can share what functions you want to achieve I can hopefully provide some advise. For context, I have built separate apps based on certain use cases such as adding a customer, creating an order, etc.

Hi @ScottR, thank you for your reply!
We are aiming to use this to provide the CS team with access to the DB; as now, they only have access by downloading pre-defined reports from the app.
The CS's request was to have "minimum click" access, so we aim to build one main app with most of the information gathered in it that can be sorted/filtered according to the specific need.