Where would I get Retool's SOC2 Report?

Not sure if Support is the right place for this, but I can't recall who my Retool contact was. Can you folks share Retool's SOC2 report with me? I need it for our own SOC2 audits :slight_smile:

Hey James! Antony here. I'll follow up with you over email!

Thanks Antony! I seriously lost track of this matter :wine_glass:

Hi! I work for a customer of yours which also needs Retool's SOC 2 Type II report for the same reason. Would you please send it to me, as well? Thanks!

Hi @agi! I can help with this :blush: In order to send over our SOC-2, we just need you / the recipient to sign an MNDA. If this sounds alright with you, would you mind DM'ing me an email I can send the DocuSign document to?

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Hi @victoria, thanks for the reply! I tried finding where to DM you my email (following the instructions to click on your avatar and then select the message button

but I don't see this option—all I see is a larger avatar + summary of your profile / badges:

Thank you for doing that + got your email (talk to you there)! :pray:

hi @victoria can you also provide me ReTool SOC 2 report?

Hi @ayesha :blush: Of course! Before sending the SOC-2 report, I'll send over an MNDA for you to sign. Would you mind DM'ing me an email address that works best for you?