Need Updated SOC2 + Pentest for 2023/24

We recently signed up for the business plan for Retool, but we are blocked by having an updated SOC2/Pentest from Retool. The ones that were given to us by the AEs expired in 2022. We've tried emailing Support, the AEs, and going through various personal contacts we have at Retool, but we aren't getting any responses.

We basically cannot use Retool to service our customers without an updated SOC2/Pentest. Can we get some help / info on what's going on here? Thanks!

Hi there @Jesse_Zhou ~ sorry that there's been such a delay in getting this info over to you. I'll send you a DM here to confirm which email I can send a quick mNDA over to, and once that's signed I will pass along the latest we have on our SOC-2 and Pentest.