What is tricky or confusing in Retool? Or needs a tutorial?

Hey everyone,

I run the content section at Bold Tech and we're trying to get some more tutorials out there for you, hoping to cover some of the more tricky things that are possible in Retool.

We've already got PDF, DocuSign integration and API generator/staging app tutorials and have charts and more on the way. But we'd love to know from you what other areas you might be struggling with that might need a tutorial.

Maybe things like temp state, specific API integrations or improving app performance? Or even full tutorials on how to create personalised internal tools that serve a specific function? We're not afraid to get our teeth into something complex and really just want to bring more valuable content to the Retool community (and hopefully save you guys some time) - so shoot me a comment below and we'll add it to the list :slight_smile:

Feel free to also send me a quick email at sophie@boldtech.dev if there is anything you want to discuss directly or have any feedback on the tutorials we have already!
Sophie :sunny:
Bold Tech