Sources of Javascript learning tools that are relevant to Retool?

I'm a novice programmer, and understand the basics of Retool but am stymied by the Javascript requirements. The tutorials seem to gloss over this and seem to assume that these skills are already known.
Assistance please?

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It is a bit the nature of the beast that Retool is a Low Code platform and therefore it does require a minimum of Javascript knowledge to make work well. You also need to either know the basics of REST interfaces and/or SQL.

I know Retool was working on some basic JS tutorials to help boot strap some JS knowledge, or at least focus you on the particular JS knowledge you will need. But I can't seem to find them now. @victoria, can you add them here?

My basic advice to to get a good basic JS book (I know, I'm old school but books work!)

You can learn the basics about ternaries and simple array manipulations on the internet for your specific Retool use case, and if that gets you the app you need then great! But if you are doing a bunch of apps, you don't want to spend half your day feeling confused and you want them to be the best they can be, invest the time up front to learn the fundamentals.


Thanks, @bradlymathews! I think you're referring to these docs for Retool University. There was another version that has since been deprecated in favor of the new Retool fundamentals

@stephenf1113 Thanks for the feedback! If you haven't already, feel free to come to office hours to chat about any specific questions that come up while building!

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