What happens to data in the Retool Database after 1 year?

Hello, I recently started using Retool and I appreciate this service a lot.
However I was wondering, as per title, what happens to data in the Retool database after 1 year? From the pricing page this is not clear to me at all, from the tables it seems the free plan has 5GB and unlimited rows indefinitely, but on the database page I see that there is "for one year".
So what happens after 1 year? You have to pay for the teams plan? Can you export your data in case you decide to migrate to another database service?

Thank you in advance

Hey @StructuralBlue - We only added the one year note because we aren't yet sure on how we want that to look long-term. We'll continue to have a free amount of data, we're just still figuring out the specifics. But in any case, you'll always have access to your existing data, and can export it by connecting with an external tool like psql or pgAdmin anytime.

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Thank you for the clarification!