What does restrictedEditingMapper exactly do in column setting

Hello, I found there is new property in column setting properyt.

But I don't know how to use it, some one can give a demo?
thanks in advance.

Hello @AnsonHwang
This setting prevents editing for the column it is applied to. You can apply this to any column the same way as the other dynamic column properties:

For this table, the ID column has editable checked off, but since I applied the restrictedEditingMapper property it's not editable.

After adding the property to the dynamic column settings you need to refresh the page or trigger a change in the data like the doc says in order for this to work:

Let us know if your have follow up questions!

I try it, but it don't work as expected. Both the id and name column is still editable.

I think you should use another name for this key. Because ...Mapper is always means to Object instead of Boolean in retool docs.
If the docs will updated with demo will be thanksful.

Once you refreshed the page after you added the Mapper value, did the cell become uneditable?

@Amanda No, I did refresh the page. The cell still remain editable.

Can you please open a support ticket by writing to us in in-app chat or emailing support@retool.com ? We'll be happy to take a look at your setup, and we can report back to the forum once we troubleshoot what's going on.