Disable table edits for some rows that don't meet a condition

I have a table that allows bulk updates and one can just update multiple rows at a time. I'm looking at options to make some rows of the table editable / not editable based on a condition (lets say one of the field is boolean).

Thank You!!

Do you mean to make certain COLUMNS editable? OR, are all of the columns editable, but a specific row must meet a certain criteria?

All Columns are editable, but one or more rows have to meet the criteria to be editable.

So a column can be editable but if the entire row where that column may be edited does NOT meet criteria, then the column(s)/row should NOT be updated?


Hey there :wave: You should be able to accomplish this by making the column editable and then using the "Read-only" field:

Hey @lauren.gus,

I thought about that as well, but that disables the whole column on all rows instead of only that specific cell in the row (which is what @mahesh.deshpande want's if I understood correctly), no?

Hey @minijohn :wave: Here is a quick example of how this should behave:

oooooh :see_no_evil: I never thought of checking against currentRow.id which seems so obvious now.

Thanks for taking the time to explain :heart:

@minijohn Of course, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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