Workflow response block use in the original calling page

The retool docs missed this bit out -
How to integrate the workflow response block in the original calling page (app).

ps. Retool please include the full roundtrip in your docs

I seem to be having the same issue. In the docs it says "Webhook-triggered workflows without a Response block immediately respond to the origin. Workflows with a Response block do not respond until this block runs, returning the specified data and HTTP status code." Respond to webhook events with the Response block | Retool Docs

I never actually get the status code, nor data returned back to me as described in the docs despite having the response block. In my test workflow I only have the trigger, and a response block.

I, too, would love some guidance/feedback on what is going on.

Hi @peter.b , @James_Griffing

Sorry that this experience is confusing. To shed some light here, here are some steps you can try.

  1. Make sure the workflow you want to call from a Retool App has a webhook trigger enabled as well as a response block
  2. Create a new resource query under the "Code" section in the app editor
  3. Select the resource type to be of type "Retool Workflow" and choose the workflow you want to be triggered
  4. Trigger the workflow somehow, for example, you can add an event listener to a button that triggers the resource query on click
  5. The response from the webhook should be available in {{ }} (where query is the name of the workflow resource query)

Hope that is helpful

Thank you! That helped me figure out what my problem was! Silly me, I simply didn't update my workflow to reflect the updated changes with the response block, and that's why I wasn't getting the proper response. I was able to figure that out with your guide though, so thanks!