How to access workflow webhook response in retool app

Hi there, I am using Retool in combination with Integromat. In the Retool App I trigger the Make / Integromat scenario which itself, gathers a bunch of data from our database and creates a Google sheet. I want to be able to retrieve the Google sheet thats got created from the Make scenario in the same retool that triggered the Make scenario.

I thought Workflows could be useful for that as they introduced Webhooks. In a very simple Workflow I basically only define the Webhook, retrieve the data with JavaScript and return it with the Webhook Response.

However when I call the Webhook in my Retool App it always only shows the default value I specified in the Workflow and not the one I actually send via the Make scenario.

Also, I know that the calling of the Webhook works as I see a new entry in the Logs when I call the hook. So I am really just confused about how I can access the data object.

Any ideas why that is ?

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 18.17.36
Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 18.17.54
Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 18.24.28


Based on the screenshot you posted I'd expect the return value to be whatever you pass as the sheetId in the "Workflow parameters" section of your query:

If you want to use raw mode you could do:

Curious to know a bit more about the process you're envisioning for the Workflow. Are you trying to trigger the creation of the Google Sheet in the Workflow as well or is your idea to have that stay in the app?

Fellow user here. I may be misunderstanding you, but if you simply hit "RUN" in the Retool Workflow, it's going to push the example data you have set. I'm unable to replicate your issue when I actually push the HTTP POST request from Make.