Want Module to open on top of in-app modal

Hello there. I have a modal with a table in it. When the user selects a row from the table, it triggers the module to open. But currently the module (a modal itself) opens behind the in-app modal. I would like for the module to open on top of the modal, and I don't want to close the modal upon selecting the row.

Is there any way to force the modal back (or the module forward)? I have not had success overriding the z-index in Retool before.

Screenshot of in-app modal still on top of the module in the background (greyed out)

thanks in advance for any help

Hey @eslinz I'm not seeing the same behavior from a quick test. Are you using the newer Modal Frame or the recently deprecated Modal Component?

Also when you say the module is a modal itself, do you mean that the module contains a modal you're opening or that the module is located in a modal in the app?

Hi @everett_smith thanks for chiming in on this. It was actually the deprecated modal that was the issue. I migrated the old modal to the new one and now it opens in front. (And the only thing in the module is the modal)

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Nice! Thanks for following up to share the solution in case anyone else runs into the same issue with the deprecated component!