Bug with opening a modal in a module

Hi, I've been attempting to create a module with just a modal for our application and am looking for alternative solutions. The only stopgap solution I've found seems to be broken now.

Expected behavior: Table has an action column with an 'Edit' button. When user clicks the action button for a row, it opens the modal with an edit form pre-filled out with the row's data. The modal should only open when a user clicks edit button.

Issues: The modal opens on page load with no data loaded (unexpected). It opens the modal when an edit action button is clicked but the modal is blank. Most js scripts I'd expect to work for updating module input values don't work.

Modal module is set up per the post linked above. I've set the module input as a variable named variable1 with an initial value of an empty string. This matches the initial value of the module ** and shouldn't be triggering the dumby query in the module that runs automatically when input changes and opens the modal. Edit action button on table1 runs the script varible1.setValue(table1.currentRow.row_id). This correctly sets the value of variable1 and the modal opens. However the module's input1 value doesn't change and the modal is blank. I'e also tried modalModule1.input1.setValue(table1.currentRow.row_id) and that doesn't even open the modal. At this point I'm not sure exactly what is broken since I wouldn't expect the modal to even open if input isn't being passed.

Hey @amc, thanks for reaching out in the forums! I just tested the workaround for triggering a module query from the parent app and it still functions as expected so there may be some additional context missing to identify the issue you are running into. Would you be able to share some screenshots of how your parent app and module are set up? An app export with any sensitive data redacted could be helpful here as well!

Could you also share with us step-by-step how you want the connection between the parent app and module to work? Are you looking to have a table in your parent app that has an action button, and when that button is clicked the modal module pops up with data?

Thanks for the reply. I ended up creating just a form module instead and inserted it into a modal in the parent app.

Anytime! If you run into any other issues please let us know