Open modal in module without clicking on it

I want to open an info modal which is in another module when a users clicks on a row in my table. The table and modal are not in the same module.

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Can you post some screen shots? using should work.

This is the modal in a module called portingInfoModal

This is the event from a table outside the portingInfoModal module.

I cannot target the modal in another module.

Hey @Sebpm!

You might try this workaround for triggering a module query from a parent app to trigger a JS query that opens your modal.

Can you let me know if that works?

It does work, but this isn't very efficient when you have a large application. Thank you for your response.

That totally makes sense. The dev team is investigating how to expand control over modules from parent apps, I can let you know here when there's an update on that front!

Yes, would be nice if I can get an update. Thank you.