Vertical ruler and vertical alignment tools

One of the more tedious tasks is making sure you have a consistent height across apps. I prefer to make apps a fixed height when possible, and have the tables, containers and such scroll their contents.

A vertical ruler would make this easier and well as help with other alignment tasks.

Related: A vertical alignment tool where you select multiple components and they all shift up/down to be the same y coordinate. Same for a same height tool.

With only 12 columns doing this horizontally is not needed, but if you do move to a 24 or higher horizontal column layout then adding a horizontal ruler and alignment tools would be helpful.

Yes! +1 for this.

I spend a good proportion of my Retool dev time making things consistently styled.

Being able to specify a height for a component would be great - dragging the handles until it tells me it's exactly 100 high is painful when I could "tell it" I want it to be 2x100 and scroll the contents etc etc.

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I know this exists to an extent when you vertically align multiple components that are vertically resizable:

I'm curious what cases you're thinking of that aren't covered by this behavior. Making sure your apps' heights are all consistent is certainly one of them, so is setting a component's dimensions numerically. Are there any others?

that works fine for me, I can resize multiple components but it would be convenient to set (usually a main container) to be exactly 100 high (usually across multiple apps) and for it to stay at 100 when I add components to it

Got it, alright. Will report back here if the feature is picked up!