Vector data - privacy questions


Was pleased to get a sneak-peak at the AI features last night, and happy to play with it today.

I had a question on the privacy side of things, when uploading data to the retool vector database, can you tell me some data privacy /protection paramaters?


  • Is it only accessible to me /my app users?
  • Can I delete embeddings easily enough?
  • where is the data stored? (EU is a bit GDPR-sensitive)

Many thanks,


This is a very good question. I am looking to hear from the EU related aspects if somebody knows.

Hi @maillme and @ilmari - thanks for asking, and glad you're excited about our AI features! I confirmed answers to each of your 3 questions with the Vectors team:

  • The embeddings will be stored in your Retool account and only accessible to users in your Retool organization.

  • Yes, you can delete embeddings. On the Vectors page (which you can access by first going to Resources when logged into your Retool account), click the checkbox next to all the vectors you'd like to delete, and a red Delete button will show up on the screen for you to delete the selected vectors. For example:

  • If you're using Retool Cloud, we host the embeddings in the US, but we have a self-hosted version of Retool where you control where the embeddings are stored in your VPC. Note that we still need to ping OpenAI's API to create the embeddings, but storage would be in your cloud.

Hope this info helps to understand how vector data can be managed :slight_smile:

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