Using wildcards in Vector names

Hi! I am creating an app that dynamically creates vectors based on the URL being crawled. The Vectors are being created fine but when I go to query (ex. from Chat) I want to include any of the relevant vectors as a source.
So for examples, I have all Vectors names starting with "CaseStudyText-" and append with the name of the URL. When I want to include all these relevant vectors in a query how do I create a wildcard around the name? ex. {{'CaseStudyText-'%}}

Hi Matt and welcome!

Happy to help out here and to look into this a bit further, could you please send me a screenshot of where you are attempting to query these vectors?


Hi @Mattw I believe you'd need to query all of the vectors with CaseStudyText- & the return that query result in your list of vectors.

Here's an example: