Creating vectors from table record URLs

Having a ton of fun with Retool!

I want my app to be able to create new vectors by selecting a row in a table that contains a specific URL and then triggering a Create URL vector action. Ideally, would like to do this by specifying multiple URLs, but ok to start with one for now.

When I specify the links to crawl by referencing the URL field in the selected row, I get the error: message:"Invalid URLs provided: must be an array of strings".

What am I doing wrong here?


When you hover over the value in the field what does it look like?
Have you tried simply adding a [ and ] surrounding it?

Not sure what you mean by [ and ], could you clarify?

Hovering over the value shows a valid URL reference, if that's what you were asking about. I think my problem is something in the way I'm formatting the results maybe?

Yes it looks like the URL is a string when it should probably be surrounded by [ and ] to make it an array as that seems to be the error notification

Wow, that's it! Thank you :smiley:

Hey there, I somehow run in a smilier problem. When handing the data over to the retool vector but the vector does not list the URL. I do assume that I did not define the "Links to crawl" correctly? Any hint what's wrong?

In your Links to crawl field, it seems like the square brackets should be surrounding the double curly braces like so: [ {{ }} ].

@Francisco_Villarreal Thanks for the reply. It works this way but the vector is somehow unable to process AWS-S3-PDF links. Any idea why?

@jpmin When configuring your Retool Vectors query, you'll observe two sections: one for URLs and one for documents. It's important to note that URL vectors won't function with PDF links. For PDFs, you need to upload them as documents during the vector resource setup. For detailed guidance on adding documents to vectors, check out this resource.

@Francisco_Villarreal Thanks for getting back!

  1. Is URL vectors reading PDF a feature that might come down the line?
  2. I'm using the documents vector atm. But I'm missing the functionality to create a new vector through automation, similar to the ability to create an URL vector automatically. I need to allow users to upload documents, create a new vector, add those documents to this user specific vector and use the vector. Any insights why it is not possible to create a document vector automatically?

@jpmin Hi Jonas, thanks very much for pointing this out.

It totally makes sense to have this kind of functionality. Retool Vectors is a very recent release and we're excited to gather feedback as we work on additional features for future releases. I have brought this to my team internally and created a feature request. We'll keep you informed with any updates. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.