Referencing specific/ unique vector

I was playing around with the vector and chatbot function - which is great.

However - I was looking to create an app, which would allow me to do the following:

  • Upload a document (vector entry) specific to the record for which I am working with
  • 'Chat' only with that document, which is somehow referenced to that record

So, the use case

  • upload an Annual Report
  • ask the report questions (automatically)
  • Save the responses to my record

The questions (prompts) would never change. I can manually code them. So, for example: Can you tell me from the report how many employees the company has

Right now using the AI specific actions - it is restricted to the chatbot - but I was wondering if there is a more 'manual' way to access the vectors, uniquely....

hope to hear,

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Hi @maillme Thanks for reaching out & sharing your use case!

If you click the fx button next to the Vectors selector, you can make it dynamic and select your specific Vector:

Do you also need a way to create the Vector from a Retool app?

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Hi @Tess,

Thank you - yes, indeed also a way to create the vector on the fly. As we will likely create a vector for each client record.


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Thanks for confirming! I requested this feature internally & I'll follow up here if I hear any updates :blush:


Being able to create document vectors on the fly is a use case our team is looking for as well
Being able to upsert URL vectors on the fly

Is it possible to convert a URL vector to a document vector?

Thanks, @Ching_T I don't have a timeline or update yet, but I've added your +1 to the request! It doesn't look like you can convert Vector types yet :disappointed:

+1 to this as well! I want to be able to create vectors from within an app.

Looks like you can create vectors using the Vector resource in an app-