Dynamic Vectors

a way to dynamically update retool ai vectors.

The use case I have is that I want the ai to ingest data in chart1.datasource but as it is I would have to add a vector for that. And the datasource changes frequently.

There should be a way to dynamically update this vectors

Hello @WolfSheep. To accomplish this, you can add a query with the Retool Vectors resource app that the updates your vectors (see below). As with any query in Retool, you can then trigger this vector update through a variety of ways (e.g. event handler, programmatically in a script, success handler in another query, etc.).

You can also create workflows that update your Vectors! Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Would this work for something like a blog?

For example, if the vector includes a url https://www.myamazingsite.com/blog, there will be new entries https://www.myamazingsite.com/blog/entry1 and maybe next week https://www.myamazingsite.com/blog/entry2 and so on...

I'd want to update the vector to include the text from entry2, entry3, entry4, etc.

Hi @shawnhoffman, the new entries should be included as long as the entries are public.
From our doc: