Using retool for internal tools in company with multiple field offices

I am working in an operations department of a company with multiple family doctor offices.
I was looking into retool for building tools for our medical staff.
Because of the field we are in public dashboards will not be an option, the medical staff should only have end user access to their own data / clinic so I would need pro/ enterprise pricing but 200*50€ a month is a budget completely out of the question.
What are the plans to adapt pricing for different user tiers?

Guten morgen @Victoria_Hauzeneder, welcome to the community :hugs:

This is a common issue, I'm not aware of any planned changes to the pricing structure atm.

We usually work around this with a custom authentication flow and publicly embedding the app. So if the user has not authenticated the resources wont work.

That's the high-level solution, there are a few options.

If you share more about your setup we may be able to help you spec out an implementation :))