Use Google Drive or Picker API to Select/Download Files from Drive

Trying to use either the Google Drive API or what I understand is a 'subset' of that one, the Google Picker API to basically load the Google Picker, a sort of file browser, so a user could select files from their Google Drive to bring into Retool.

I'm open to different approaches, like for example loading the files in a Retool Table component rather than using the Drive Picker itself, but I know our users are familiar with Google's picker interface, making it a little more familiar.

I created a resource that gives me the authentication - but I'm not sure how to actually load the picker itself. Would I need to create a custom component that loads it -- and is that even possible if we are embedding retool within our parent app?

Interested to know if others have done something similar and what the general approach is or if you could point me to some resources/guides.

Overall goal - currently we have retool's file picker to select files from your computer and upload them -- would like users to have the option to select images from their google drive as another option. Thanks in advance!


Following as this is definitely a good to have feature I've been asked several times for