Resource Request: Google Drive Integration

Use Case: Trying to access file read/write permissions and set the ability to create, modify, and delete files within designated folders. Ideally generating google sheets & docs into a designated pre-selected folder. Would like to use this for creating a document history where when a new sheet/doc/pdf whatever is created I can send a request to create a copy and add it to a folder.


Zapier has a nice selection of drive functions you can access.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 12.20.57 PM

Link: Ringkasan Google Drive API  |  Google for Developers

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I agree this would be a very helpful feature in Retool

Thanks @Jennifer_FreedomPrep ! I've noted your interest in this on our internal ticket tracking this feature request for our eng team.

Currently this isn't planned on the roadmap, but I did notice that on another community forum thread, a user found what they needed by following a boldtech tutorial. I haven't tried this tutorial out myself recently, but it was useful to another member of the Retool community as recently as November!