URL parameters in the mobile beta


I'm using the mobile beta to develop a simple application with a form. The user is presented with a different container depending on a PostgreSQL query using a URL parameter.

Before discovering the mobile beta I had developed the corresponding version of this application and it is fully functional. With the mobile beta version, however, I'm having trouble with the URL parameters being removed upon loading the application so it appears they're never really communicated properly to the application. As far as I can tell, the only crucial difference between the two applications is that in the mobile beta version I use an intermediate text box to carry the URL parameter value whereas in the regular version I was using a variable (I'm unable to find variables in the mobile beta).

Are URL parameters expected to work in the mobile beta?

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Hi Eric, welcome to the Retool community! I'm checking on this for you, hang tight.

Hi Eric, thanks for your post. We don't currently support passing URL parameters into mobile apps, but we're interested in hearing more about your use case. Are you using the PWA/web version of retool mobile, or the Android/iOS native versions?


Hello Mike and Alina,

We are using, or intending to use, the PWA/web version of the app.

Basically, we are developing an app to register certain IDs in a database. We'd like to use the mobile beta because our users will be using their phones to scan NFC tags. The tags contain the URL in question with the ID as a URL parameter.

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Hi Mike do we support url params in mobile APPs now?