Release Management for Mobile Apps

From my experience building web and mobile apps with retool, you can't be sure your Retool mobile app is working as expected just by testing it in the web emulator- you need to test the mobile app on your device.

I'm beta testing a mobile app I plan to launch, and I wanted to test some of my changes from my mobile device before publishing them to the beta testers.

Today I discovered that Retool mobile doesn't support picking specific releases.

I believe I can work around this by:

  1. make changes on my mobile app, publish it as draft
  2. export my changes
  3. import and publish my changes to a new mobile app
  4. test the new mobile app on my device
  5. confirm it works as designed (otherwise repeat steps 1-4)
  6. confidently publish the draft release on my mobile app

But it would be a much nicer and more intuitive developer experience if there was a way to select a specific release for my mobile app.

I've tagged this a bug (and not just a new-feature) because of the fact that I have the ability to create published and draft releases in the mobile editor, which leads me to believe that I should be able to pick either the draft or published version of my mobile app when accessing it from the Retool Mobile app.

Retool Mobile Team, do you have release selection on your roadmap? Do you have any helpful insight for me on how to confidently roll out changes to a high-stakes mobile app once it's in use?
Thank you!

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Hey @sgodoshian! We spoke about this a bit during office hours but wanted to share it publicly as well.

We have an existing internal ticket tracking versioning for Mobile apps. We've updated that ticket with your +1 and will pass along any status changes to the internal ticket here. Have a great day!

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+1 from us.


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