Updating table based on the AI generated query


I am new to Retool and have a bit vague question.
I have a simple app querying my BQ dataset and showing results in the table.
Now, I want to add an AI chatbot, where users interact with it to filter/customize data.
Then I want to use a query generated by the AI to 'query data'/update the table?

Any pointers on whether this is possible and how to do it?


Hi @belibra Thanks for reaching out & welcome! There are several posts tagged with ai about using the chat component to analyze data from your app :slightly_smiling_face: (For example, this post & this post) :crossed_fingers: hope it's helpful!

You could try to use Ask AI or the chat to write the query for updating your big query table, but it may be easier to use our GUI mode & fill in the fields to set up your query:

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Hi @belibra
That is a very nice use case. Let me know if there's anything I can help with as I would love to see my experimental thing be applied in a real-world scenario.

Thanks @Tess for pointing to my posts.


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