AI Data Analyst - connect chat AI to SQL?

Has anyone had any success in connecting the chat AI to running SQL queries? (specifically MSSQL resource)

I'm looking to allow our office team to start querying the data (select only!) via an AI tool and wondered if anyone had any success in building it in Retool?

Failing that I've looked at something like this - - which would be awesome feature to get implemented into Retool!

@Sam_Hankin thanks for posting about this! It sounds like sounds like you'd be interested in exposing something like our Ask AI assistant (which Retool builders can use in edit mode when writing SQL queries), but instead of in the editor, enabling that in a chat component for end users to interact with? I've surfaced this interest to our product team as they think about new use cases to support more out-of-the-box in the future!

In the meantime check out our Ask AI and Retool AI Actions docs if you haven't seen those already.

@Harsha_Wijesooriya curious if you've hacked together anything similar to this so far? I know you've built out various use cases with Retool AI features :slightly_smiling_face: This also reminds me of this existing Feature Request!

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