Updated features for Mobile / Desktop view?

Hello, I noticed some new features/changes were rolled out today. One was how Mongo DB is connected and the other being that there's no button for me to choose whether i want a component to appear on mobile/desktop anymore. Now, it appears, I have to create a component for each view?

I cannot find any blog or changelog on this.

Hello @Cat_Cat!

The desktop/mobile toggle is still there it has just been moved to a new advanced settings panel in the component inspector:

This is part of a more general change mentioned here!

It looks like the Mongo change may not have made it into the changelog, but thanks for surfacing it here! Are you referring to the option to choose which version to connect with (released in 2.116.0)?

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Thank you so much! I guess I was seeing a different interface because I selected 3.6 and up ( i had it set to 3.5 and below previously and i believe it may have caused issues w my DB connection somehow so that was why I realized the mistake and switched it). Thank you.