Difference layout in app and mobile editor


I've been mainly working with the Mobile App editor the past week (just started using Retool).
Today I have been fiddling with the App designer and I noticed that the editor is quite different from the mobile app editor.
I must say I like the App editor more as the layout is better and it has some features that Mobile is lacking or are less easy to access.

  • there are no debugging options when previewing mobile apps. This makes it more difficult to debug, view console, view states, etc. The App editor does have the debug screen in preview.
  • no option in mobile to add decription to app and readme documentation
  • components (to add) are in a different place.

It's not a huge problem, but if you're used to a screen, you'll need to search around a bit.

Agreed! We ship improvements every week, so I think you'll see things get better quickly :slight_smile:

Toggle between app and web layout not found in navigation bar

My organization uses business premium. I can't find the web and mobile icon to toggle between when i create an app.

Any way to switch that on?

Are you working in a (native) Mobile app or a web app? In a mobile app this is not possible.

I am building in web layout, but I should be able also toggle to mobile and set the layout there, as in the image below. But those icons are not showing

Did you add components to the mobile layout? You first have to add components to the mobile layout, this is not done by default.

Select a component, click advanced settings and toggle the Show on mobile.

Once done, it will show you the buttons to switch between web and mobile.

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Yeah, thanks. It worked